Queen City Pride Double Donation

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Support our World AIDS Day Fundraiser

Queen City Pride presents our World AIDS Day Fundraiser in support of AIDS Programs South Saskatchewan.

From November 1st to 30th, Queen City Pride will MATCH every dollar donated to our “Double Donation” fundraiser, capping at $500.

That means when YOU donate $1 to support the important and vital work APSS provides, we’ll also donate $1 to match it!

The funds raised by this campaign will be donated to APSS on December 1st, World AIDS Day.

About AIDS Programs South Saskatchewan

AIDS Programs South Saskatchewan (APSS) is a non-profit organization that provides a variety of services to the Southern Saskatchewan region including outreach and educational programming, needle exchange, advocacy, referrals, and support for their clients. Their mission is to provide relevant and accessible services and programs and foster connections for individuals, families, and communities affected by, living with, or at risk of HIV/AIDS/HCV.

You can learn more about APSS on their website.