Friday, June 15

10:00 am to 12:00 pm

Canadian Blood Services Regina

About the Ally Blood Donation Clinic

Blood donations play an essential role in saving lives every day but despite always being in demand, men who have sex with other men (MSM), who would otherwise be qualified to donate, are prevented from contributing to Canada’s blood supply.

Regina Pride is proud to host Saskatchewan’s 3rd Annual Ally Blood Donation Clinic. Help spread awareness of Canada’s one-year deferral policy for MSM donors and get the conversation started today.

Sign up an ally to donate on your behalf. Together, we can show Canadian Blood Services that we want to and deserve to help others.

This year, we’re asking you to sign an important petition asking the Canadian government to repeal the blood ban against men who have sex with men. This nation-wide e-petition already has over 4,400 signatures and is a great opportunity for you to do your part.

Book your appointment for Friday, June 15th using our Online Booking Appointment Form below.

Learn more about the MSM deferral policy at

1 – Sign The Petition

Whether you’re signing up to donate blood, or you’re here to support – please take a moment to sign this important e-petition. It already has 4,400 signatures – make sure you’re one of them!

2 – Book an Appointment

Donating blood on behalf of someone who can’t? Please use the booking calendar below to choose your time and request your appointment.

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