2019-2020 Regina Pride Membership

Become a member and participate in our organization.

Become a Member

Follow our easy 3-step process to become a Member of Regina Pride, Inc. If you have any questions, continue reading on this page or feel free to send us an email.

Step 1 – Complete Membership Form (2019-2020)

Download our Membership Form (PDF) and complete it electronically or on paper.

Step 2 – Pay For Your Membership

Pay your $1.00 Membership Fee online, by cheque, or in-person.

Step 3 – Submit Your Membership

Send your completed Membership Form by email, mail it to our mailing address with payment, or deliver it in person at our Annual General Meeting. If you’ve paid online, we’ll match your form with your payment.

What does it mean to be a member?

Regina Pride Members are individuals who support the Regina Pride Mission, Vision and Values, and have the opportunity in participating in decisions/discussions that organizationally support the future of Regina Pride. Members have the ability to run for a term on the Board of Directors and vote at the Annual General Meeting. Get involved and help us make pride happen!

Raise Your Voice

Only members provide overall direction, feedback, and guidance on pride’s activities, through the annual membership meeting.

Be a Leader

Only members may run for election or vote on candidates for the Board of Directors, Pride’s managing body.

Bragging Rights

You’ll be one of the first with the inside scoop on celebrity headliners, star talent, and new events!

It’s Affordable

Annual membership costs just $1. That’s less than the price of one Lady Gaga mansion per century!

We’re Stronger Together

When you invite your friend, coworker, or spouse to also be a member, you strengthen our whole community.

Pick the Winner

Only members may vote on nominees for the annual QCPride Awards, celebrating contributors to Regina’s 2SLGBTQ+ community.