Volunteer with Pride

Help out during our festival and throughout the year

Help Make Pride Happen!

Behind every Queen City Pride Festival is a team of dedicated volunteers that take on the responsibilities of festival planning and execution. Without these volunteers, this festival would never be able to happen.

Volunteers do various jobs: from plastering the town with posters to setting decorations and the chairs people sit on. As Regina’s Pride festival continues to grow, so does the need for volunteers. With more events and activities than ever before, we rely on a healthy number of volunteers to get the job done!


  • Volunteering for Pride counts towards volunteer credits
  • It will look great on your résumé
  • You’ll make new friends and support a unique community event
  • You’ll get free access to Pride event(s)*
  • We’ll keep you hydrated and fed at the event(s) you volunteer for
  • You get to wear (and keep) a cool Pride Volunteer t-shirt
  • Each Volunteer receives a Volunteer Swag Bag full of assorted goodies
  • After every successfully completed volunteer shift, volunteers are entered in for a Volunteer Prize Bag!
  • You’ll receive undying love from the Regina Pride Board of Directors!

We literally couldn’t do this without you! We are super happy you’d like to work with us and appreciate you immensely!

Get Started

Join one of our Planning Committees by completing the 2022 Sign Up Form.

Festival Volunteer Opportunities

  • Helping plan the events that will take place during Pride
    Connecting with community groups and organizations to promote their events
    Finding venues, artists, performers, etc. for the events
  • Making the creative used to promote the festival
  • Managing the social media and advertising
  • Helping to distribute marketing materials
  • Approaching returning sponsors and finding new sponsors
  • Making sure sponsorship obligations are fulfilled
  • Ensuring sponsors are properly recognized kept in the loop
  • Helping develop and keep the festival budget on track
  • Keeping our bills, invoices, and receipts organized
  • Providing reports at the end of the festival
  • Advertising volunteer positions
  • Connecting with community members
  • Managing volunteer schedules and ensuring we have people where we need them

Information for Young Volunteers

Anyone 14 years of age or older may volunteer for Regina Pride and the Queen City Pride Festival. All youth between 14 and 18 years old will need to have their parent/guardian sign a permission form for each individual wishing to volunteer. Some volunteer positions are open only to people 19 years of age or older due to the presence of alcohol.

Questions about Volunteering?

Send us an email and tell us your thoughts and questions. Our Volunteer Coordinator will get back to you with the answers.

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Regina Pride Board

Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator

Ready to Volunteer?

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