Volunteer with Pride

Help out during our festival and throughout the year

Help Make Pride Happen!

Behind every Queen City Pride Festival is a team of dedicated volunteers that take on the responsibilities of festival planning and execution. Without these volunteers, this festival would never be able to happen.

Volunteers do various jobs: from plastering the town with posters to setting decorations and the chairs people sit on. As Regina’s Pride festival continues to grow, so does the need for volunteers. With more events and activities than ever before, we rely on a healthy number of volunteers to get the job done!


  • Volunteering for Pride counts towards volunteer credits
  • It will look great on your résumé
  • You’ll make new friends and support a unique community event
  • You’ll get free access to Pride event(s)*
  • We’ll keep you hydrated and fed at the event(s) you volunteer for
  • You get to wear (and keep) a cool Pride Volunteer t-shirt
  • Each Volunteer receives a Volunteer Swag Bag full of assorted goodies
  • After every successfully completed 4-hour volunteer shift, volunteers are entered in for a Volunteer Prize Bag!
  • You’ll receive undying love from the Regina Pride Board of Directors!

We literally couldn’t do this without you! We are super happy you’d like to work with us and appreciate you immensely!

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Send us an email to volunteer@queencitypride.ca and tell us your thoughts and questions. Our Volunteer Coordinator will get back to you with the answers.

Sarah Elizabeth Ivens

Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator
1-888-386-5687 ext 106

Festival Volunteer Opportunities

  • Hospitality – Attends social events pre-festival to promote the event. During the festival, they assist in creating a welcome and friendly festival environment by greeting festival attendees and vendors, and ensuring everyone is having a great experience. They will help direct people where they’d like to go, answer question, and assist in other departments as needed. 14 years or older acceptable with parental consent.
  • Stage & Entertainment – Assist our Entertainment Coordinator in making sure our VIP’s and performers are taken care of both behind the scenes, and on the stage. 19 years or older (as alcohol may be present).
  • Family & Kids Zone – Oversee the children in the kid’s zone ensuring their safety and enjoyment. Babysitting Certificate not required but encouraged. 14 years or older acceptable with parental consent.
  • Pre-Festival Logistics – (Operations & Marketing Committees) – Assist with the assemblage of badges, organization of signage and marketing material are coordinated prior to festival start. You will report directly to the Marketing
    Director and help them with any of their needs. 14 years or older acceptable with parental consent.
  • Promotion – Distribution of event marketing collateral to local businesses and people that may be interested in the event. You will report directly to the Marketing Director and help them with any of their needs. 14 years or older acceptable with parental consent.
  • Environmental Sustainability – (Operations Committee) – Assist in maintaining a litter-free and clean festival space. Ensure recycling bins are placed alongside all garbage receptacles to promote recycling. 14 years or older acceptable with parental consent.
  • Sales & Merchandise – (Operations Committee) – Assist with the sale of festival merchandise, and/or food & beverage tickets. Must 18 years or older, trustworthy and feel comfortable with the handling of money and operation of point of sale and debit/credit terminal.
  • Bartending – (Operations Committee) – Assist in the sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages. Must be 19 year or older, trustworthy and feel comfortable around the sale of alcohol.
  • Set-up/Tear-down – (Operations Committee) – We need help before/after pre-pride events as well as the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the festival to set up and take down: tents, signage, chairs, tables, decorations, fencing, etc. Must be able to lift at least 15 lbs.
  • Food Distribution – (Operations Committee) – Assist in the preparations and distribution of various food and non-alcoholic beverages. 14 years or older acceptable with parental consent.
  • Marshalling – (Operations Committee) – Assist the Grand Marshal in parade logistics. Ensure that all floats in your Zone are lined up and ready to march come parade start time. March along the parade route to ensure your Zone is keeping pace. 14 years or older acceptable with parental consent.
  • Security – (Operations Committee) – Volunteer security will help will loss prevention, keeping the peace, monitor parking and fielding questions patrons may have. 19 years or older (as alcohol may be present).

Information for Young Volunteers

Anyone 14 years of age or older may volunteer for Regina Pride and the Queen City Pride Festival. All youth between 14 and 18 years old will need to have their parent/guardian sign a permission form for each individual wishing to volunteer. Some volunteer positions are open only to people 19 years of age or older due to the presence of alcohol.

Ready to Volunteer?

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