Updated for 2021

We’ve updated the following content for the 2021 Pride Festival.

Together, Pride will always find a way.

Pride is not just a parade or festival. For Regina’s 2SLGBTQIA+ communities, it’s the first time they felt truly able to be themselves. It’s the day or week or even month to be unafraid. It’s connecting with each other: laughing, dancing, crying, fighting together. It’s a feeling.

Our Gender and Sexually Diverse (GSD) communities have achieved much throughout history and faced many challenges. This year, our biggest challenge is to remain connected while also apart. Overcoming isolation, insecurity, and supporting the wellbeing of our community is more important than ever.

It’s with support from partners like you that Regina Pride Inc. is able to create this annual festival and with your continued support you’ll enable us to keep going as we adjust our programming for the challenges of today.

There is still important work to be done. Our festival is not only a celebration of our past, but a call for support as we continue to secure rights, erase stigmas, and make the world more inclusive and loving. We invite you to raise your voice for inclusivity and diversity, as a supporter of Queen City Pride.

2021 Partnership Package

This is our primary partnership offering tiered benefits and additional opportunities to sponsor events and awards. Explore all the options with this package.

2021 à la carte Menu

A great opportunity for Small and Medium businesses wanting to support the festival by directly funding a festival component and receiving recognition.

Join our growing family of partners in supporting our festival.

Sponsor - Grant Funders
Sponsor - Grant Funders
Sponsor - Grant Funders
Sponsor - Grant Funders

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Andie Bourque

Regina Pride Inc. has final discretion on all events, publications, and sponsor arrangements for official festival materials and will prioritize cultural integrity over revenue. All potential sponsors will be considered on their current and historic relationship with the 2SLGBTQIA+ community. See the 2021 Partnership package or email for more details.