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Deadline: August 29, 2020

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Feature your Community Event in this year’s Queen City Pride Festival programme and promotions. A Community Event is an officially recognized event or activity scheduled to take place during and for the Queen City Pride Festival and organized entirely or in part by community groups, non-profit organizations, or businesses. Any group or organization is welcome to submit their event for consideration and if approved, that event will be included in the festival’s official programming and promotions.


Complete and submit this form by August 29, 2020, to apply to have your Community Event included in the 2020 Queen City Pride Festival event lineup. 

Event Submission Criteria

Submitting your event for the 2020 Queen City Pride Festival helps us follow and promote all of the activities taking place during the 10-day long festival.

When planning your event(s), we encourage you to take into consideration the needs of our community. Our goal as a community festival is to provide events that are open and accessible to everyone. Consider the following: gender-neutral washrooms, wheelchair and mobility accessibility, substance and alcohol-free spaces, no-cost and low-cost admission, sound amplification, proximity to bus stops, and the specific needs of your audience. If you’d like to talk to us about making your event more open and accessible to your audience, feel free to contact us.

Positive Space Training

Regina Pride Inc. now requires that all Community Event Partners participate in “Positive Space” training, provided by the UR Pride Centre. Training sessions will be provided at no cost to you and will help ensure that all events taking place during the Queen City Pride Festival meet the demand for safer, braver spaces in our community.

  • For events being hosted by an individual: the individual must take part in the training.
  • For events being hosted by a group/organization: a minimum of two people (who are involved in planning and present at the event) must take part in the training.

Training is a total of 5 hours across 2 or 4 days. The following days are available:

  • 2-day: August 19 and 20 (9:30 am to 12:00 pm)
  • 2-day: August 25 and 26 (9:30 am to 12:00 pm)
  • 4-day: August 17 to 20 (6:00 pm to 7:15 pm)
  • 4-day: August 24 to 27 (6:00 pm to 7:15 pm)

Need to register for training? Please visit this link:

Ready to Register?

Registration Deadline: August 29, 2020

2020 Event Bursary Program

Apply for funds to put towards the creation or improvement of your event.