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Submit by May 15, 2022

Submit your 2022 Community Event

Feature your Community Events and Activities in this year’s Queen City Pride Festival programme and promotions. A Community Event is an officially recognized event or activity scheduled to take place during and for the Queen City Pride Festival and created for the 2SLGBTQIA+ community. Any group or organization is welcome to submit their event for consideration and if approved, that event will be included in the festival’s official programming and promotions.

Please do your best to submit your event or activity by May 15, 2022, for inclusion in any printed distributions. After this date, we’ll continue to update information online.

Event Criteria & Guidelines

Submitting your event for the 2022 Queen City Pride Festival helps us to follow and promote all of the activities taking place during the 10-day-long festival.

When planning your event/activity, we encourage you to take into consideration the needs of our community. Our goals as a community festival are to provide events that are both open and accessible to all and closed spaces catering to specific community needs, promote the education and awareness of 2SLGBTQIA+ people, and advocate for the lives of people within our community who continue to experience violence and marginalization in society.

Consider the following:

  • Prioritizing Black, Indigenous, Two-Spirit, Trans and gender-diverse artists, performers, and speakers
  • Events/activities that don’t require technology/internet access
  • Supplying PPE and sanitizer to promote COVID-19 safety
  • gender-neutral washrooms
  • wheelchair and mobility accessibility
  • Closed Captioning, ASL, and Language interpretations
  • substance and alcohol-free spaces
  • no-cost, low-cost, and alternate forms of payment for admission
  • sound amplification
  • proximity to bus stops
  • and the specific needs of your audience

Accessibility & Safer Space Resources

In the past, Regina Pride Inc. has made it a requirement for all event organizers to take “Positive Space” training in order to have their events included as part of the festival schedule. At this time, this requirement is not in place. However, we do strongly encourage all event organizers to take into consideration steps that they can take to host an accessible and inclusive event.

Please review the following resources from Halifax Pride to help you plan an accessible and safer Pride Event for all!

If you’d like to talk to us about making your event more open and accessible to your audience, feel free to contact us.

*These resources are borrowed from our friends at Halifax Pride. Some references may not apply to our location. They are provided for reference only.

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2022 Event Funding Bursary

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